1. How can I get a coach ticket/invoice after booking a seat online?
After buying online at http://www.book.707-inc.com/, you will receive an order summary via email from us. This order summary will serve as the e-ticket/invoice too and it will be used when you check in to exchange for a boarding ticket on the departure date. If you do not receive the email, you may login to membership => view booking history => select departure date, click invoice to print it out. You are encouraged to print out the order summary to speed up check-in beside showing your ID. Please follow the instruction in the order summary especially about quoting the boarding code to check in into certain coach companies or waiting for the next email in the next working day to obtain an actual Ticket Number to check in into certain coach companies.

Payment Related

1. What payment methods are available when booking online at Easybook.com?
Easybook.com offers a variety of payment methods and the options available to you will depend on the country that your booking departs from and the amount of time left before you depart. You may be offered one or more of the following payment options: Credit card (Visa, MasterCard) Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard) PayPal Real-time or online bank transfer Since we have different payment options from different countries, we would ask that you check during the booking process what payment options are available to you. If your desired payment option is not shown, it may not be available for the country that you are departing from, or there may be too little time left before departure.


1. Will the coach wait for me if I turn up late?
Our coaches will leave on time and cannot wait at the expense of other passengers. Please turn up at least 30 minutes before departure.