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Universal Studios Singapore
Halloween Horror Nights 11 


Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights returns for its 11th year with new nightmare-inducing thrills including 5 immersive haunted houses, 3 terrifying scare zones and 2 hair-raising shows. 

Will you be trapped in The Weeknd: After Hours Til Dawn Nightmare? Can you survive the zombie outbreak before Netflix’s All Of Us Are Dead?

Try to escape the Pied Piper’s Grimm Encounters before you begin your dreadful DIYU: Descent into Hell. Then pay your respects at the petrifying Rebirth of the Matriarch.


All these frights and more await at Southeast Asia’s biggest Halloween event.

This is a specially ticketed event sold separately from Universal Studios Singapore entry tickets. 

Event Dates
Select Nights 29 Sep - 4 Nov 2023
Events nights are listed as peak and non-peak event nights based on expected attendance. 

Event Timing

  • Peak nights: 7.30pm - 1.30am

  • Non-peak nights: 7.30pm - 12.30am

Before Visit Advisory

Event may be too intense for young children and is not recommended for children
under the age of 13. No costumes, Full face make-up or Full-face masks allowed at this event.

5 Immersive Haunted Houses


The Weeknd:
After Hours Til Dawn Nightmare

Venture through the winding corridors of The Weeknd’s unnerving night club as you attempt to escape his purgatory of pain.

Netflix’s All Of Us Are Dead

Step into the halls of Hyosan High from Netflix’s hit series, All Of Us Are Dead. Will you survive the hordes of zombies or be turned into one of the undead? 


Grimm Encounters

The Pied Piper has twisted all your favourite fairytales with his sinister tunes. Can you escape his forest of nightmares without being cursed

Rebirth of the Matriarch

Familial love turns toxic when innocent victims are lured into the family home for a deadly ritual to bring their Matriarch back to life. 

The haunted house is presented by Official Partner Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.


DIYU: Descent into Hell

Go on a macabre journey through the gruesome levels of Di Yu and face King Yama’s judgement. Are you worthy of being saved?

3 Terrifying Scare Zones


Dead Man’s Wharf

Cross Madame Dragon, the most vile pirate to sail the seven seas, and you just might find yourself walking the plank.

The Hacker

Enter a terrifying cyber-hellscape where technology rules and feeds off the desperate souls of mankind. 

The scare zone is presented by Official Partner Tiger Soju Infused Lager.

ia_10002 (1).jpg

The Cursed Kiramam

Visit a village cursed by the gods. Once prosperous, now they exist in a state of perpetual torment. Can they escape their impending doom?

2 Hair-Raising Shows

ia_10001 (1).jpg

Judgement Day (Scaremony)

Watch as an unfortunate soul tries to escape his final judgement amidst flame and fury. Will he run free or find himself trapped for eternity?

The Hacker: Game Over

See this destructive A.I. being invade and corrupt the games of her victims as she tries to hack her way out of the virtual world and into your nightmares.

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